1. The only way NOT to consume our vinegar is by COOKING it. PERIOD.

2. Any heat or cooking or boiling involved in the process will KILL all the bacteria colony (bad and good ones) inside it and make it completely USELESS.

3. Here is how I personally take it daily, once before breakfast and once before sleep:


Pour 2 tablespoon of vinegar into glass

Pour quarter cup filtered water (room temperature).




4. Honestly, it is the best pick me up energy drink you will ever need. Beats espresso, Red ****, ****ta, tongkat ali, cordyceps, or whatever else Tok Mudim, Mak Janda or Dara beverages in the market. Gano included.

(If you are a newbie, adding honey will help in the process. Quantity depends on your taste bud.)

5. Allah knows best.


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