Bismillahi Arrahmani Arrahim

Allahumma Solli Wasallim Ala Muhammad

1. Hayflick Limit Enterprise is owned by Mr Shamsul Ambia bin Abdul Aziz as a private enterprise.

2. Its incorporation objectives include the desire to sell health products that really help people to LIVE life as Allah has ordained: in Health and Wellness.

3. Profit is not the overarching objective of this enterprise, but required to ensure its sustainability. Our vision is to spread and promote the SUNNAH of Rasullullah SAW to as many people as possible. Hopefully Allah will reward us with Jannat and Muhammad SAW will accept us as his ummat.

4. The company currently produces its own fruit vinegar using the Halal method.

5. Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. is the company’s sole resource and reference of vinegar’s role as the PERFECT FOOD for our bodies.

6. And Allah knows best.

7. We hope our clients will have a life changing experience from using our products. But most importantly, gains reward from Allah for practicing the Sunnah of Muhammad SAW.

8. Please feel free to comment and drop us a word if you have something to share or inform.


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